32.25″W X 68.25″H X 2″D The Eternity design is a beautiful creation featuring her signature broken glass and high-gloss vitreous finish. The piece is framed in a gold gallery molding. DISCLAIMER: The acrylic coating on this item is meticulously applied by hand in a process taking several hours. Several additional hours are required before the high clarity acrylic gels and cures. Our artists meticulously monitor the curing process to ensure that the acrylic coating is as free of surface defects and pinhead sized bubbles, however very small imperfections may remain. To care for the vitreous finish, use a soft lint-free dust cloth. If needed, a dash of mild, non-abrasive soap in water can be used to remove stubborn spots. Use a very soft cloth or chamois to remove any residue.
More Info  –Dimensions: 32.25″H X 68.25″W X 2″D