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Black & Gold Face Right Wave LG

Black & Gold Face Right Wave LG

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Chic style, sophistication, and a whole bunch of attitude are personified with the Her Right Wave Fashion Faces Wall Art in black and gold. Made from artisan grade resin, the swooped hair and biting lips of this beautiful diva radiate charm with a magnificent gold leaf finish and accented by a stunning matte black. Like what you see? This exquisite piece of wall decor is a statement piece that commands attention and will transform a space into your very own VIP section.
The gold leaf finish applied to our products is known for its luxurious metallic appearance. However, this finish can be susceptible to scratching if not handled carefully. Gold leaf is a delicate material; abrasions may occur during routine use or contact with abrasive surfaces.

To maintain the pristine condition of your gold leaf-finished items, we strongly recommend using coasters or protective pads when placing objects on the surface. These coasters act as a safeguard, minimizing the risk of scratches and preserving the beauty of the gold leaf finish.

While we strive to provide durable and high-quality finishes, it's important to acknowledge that any abrasive or sharp objects in contact with the surface may lead to unintentional damage. Therefore, please be careful and follow proper care guidelines to ensure the longevity of your gold leaf-finished products.
Material ResinSize 24x7x30"H
Weight 12 Lbs
Finish Gold leaf
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